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Programa de rehabilitación basado en Microsoft Kinect

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Por Joaquín García Guajardo hace 1958 días


The West Health Institute has developed technology that could revolutionize physical therapy using Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows cutting-edge, motion-tracking platform, and is starting clinical research studies with the Naval Medical Center of San Diego. The Reflexion Rehabilitation Measurement Tool (RMT) developed at the Institute allows medical professionals to customize plans and schedules and potential remotely monitor patients to ensure their exercises are on track.

The RMT is a prescribed software application that addresses musculoskeletal disease, which costs Americans $127 billion a year, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Used with Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows motion camera and a Windows 7 personal computer, this program provides interactive feedback and educational materials which are expected to help physical therapists and physicians improve patient adherence to the prescribed therapy and ensure the exercises are performed correctly.