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This smartphone's sensors keep a constant watch on your health

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Por Joaquín García Guajardo hace 1989 días


Any smartphone can run apps designed to help you live a more healthy life, but they can't actually check how you're doing. This LifeWatch V phone fixes that, by including sensors that can measure everything from your heart rhythm and body fat index, to your blood glucose level.

The Android based LifeWatch looks kind of like any smartphone, but a bevy of sensors enable it to do far more than just taking snapshots of your BFFs. When you hold it with your thumbs and fingers against the correct parts of the case, the sensors can measure your pulse, body fat index, stress level and can even perform a simple electrocardiogram. Other sensors can measure your body temperature and blood glucose level.

Once completed, the results from your tests are send to a cloud based app, which responds with an automated diagnosis that gets sent back to the phone. The results can also be sent to your doctor, family members, or anyone else who might have an interest in your well being. This is great for parents who want to keep tabs on their child's condition while they're away at school or participating in sports.

This sounds fantastic, but the long development period means that the initial LifeWatch V will be running the somewhat ancient Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Hopefully they can fix that soon.

The LifeWatch V was developed in Israel, but will be built by a Swiss company called LifeWatch AG. Pricing and availability were not announced.